We Specialize in unique, heat tolerant & useful plants for your home garden.

We've been growing culinary, useful & medicinal plants in the subtropical climate of Miami Florida for 9 years. We are now finally able to share our plant selection with gardeners all over the country! Learn more about our nursery, our climate and our selection of weirdo plants then start shopping!

  • About Us

    Learn more about who we are and why we do what we do. Plantmatter is a new online marketplace where we hope to share the unique plant life of South Florida with everyone.

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  • Care Guide

    What to expect when you're expecting... plants in the mail. Check out our care guide for instructions on acclimating your new plants to your unique growing environment.

    Plant Care 
  • The Nursery

    Why buy our plants? Our nursery, Little River Coop, has been doing this plant growing thing for quite some time. Read more about our history & our growing practices.

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