About Us

We aren’t sure exactly what PlantMatter will end up being. We want to ship you plants grown at our nursery in Miami, Little River Cooperative. We want to source hot climate seeds from around the world and share them with you too. We want to write more books. We want to share objects made by our peers in Miamis colorful arts community. We want to be an online hub for bringing a bit of the tropical magic of Miamis plant world to you, wherever you may be physically.

The name PlantMatter has a fun back story. In 2013 plant nerd Muriel Olivares was farming a small amount of produce on a 3 acre residential wonderland in North Miami for an intimate CSA under the name Little River Market Garden and her farm neighbor, plant nerd Tiffany Noe, was working on building herself a plant nursery called PlantMatter. Back then everything was done in the scrappiest DIY manner and Tiffany was growing plants in a pallet and wire constructed “greenhouse” seemingly held together with gum and enthusiasm. When the two plant nerds decided to build a “real” greenhouse to share and use for farming and making plants, they instead started a new company as business partners; Little River Cooperative. Plant Matter was set aside and LRC flourished. Over the 8 years since its creation LRC has worn many hats… what started as an urban vegetable farming operation morphed into a multidisciplinary plant project that grows and sells edible and useful plants, builds and maintains gardens of all shapes and sizes for residents throughout Miami, and hosts workshops on gardening, making medicine, bee keeping, flower crafting and more. Other elements have come and gone, like our 150 person multi-farm CSA, and our urban farmer incubator project. Oh, and there was that season that we farmed flowers! And the chef CSA! And the book Tiffany wrote about foraging. 

As we decided which fun new challenge we would take on this season we felt finally ready to expand ourselves further than Miami and start sharing our plants and planty goodies with the whole nation. And as we brainstormed about how we would want to do that, and what we would want to share, we realized it would be a very different project than what Little River Cooperative does here in Miami. So with the experience, expertise and team of little river we are now taking a seed we planted many moons ago, Plant Matter, and finally up potting it so it has room to expand its roots and grow. 

Feel free to get in touch via email, phone or the form below with any questions you may have for us.

(305) 707 8874