Our Nursery

We have been growing culinary & useful plants in South Florida since 2013, so not to toot our own horns too much but… we’re pretty good at it. Our inventory follows our seasons, which are reversed from the rest of the continental US. That means we start tomatoes in October and call it quits on most western european veggie crops (think radishes, cucumbers, kale, etc.) in the Spring, which is when most of you will be starting seeds and planning your gardens. That’s one of the main reasons why we specialize in “weird” hot weather plants. If we were trying to grow you lettuce seedlings to grow in the summer well… we wouldn’t do a very good job at it. We also think it makes way more sense for you to visit your favorite local plant nursery to buy the popular stuff. We sure would want our local customers to keep shopping from us even if a bunch of super cool nurseries started shipping plants all over the place. 

While our nursery is not certified organic we grow our plants using all certified organic inputs. What does that mean? It means legally we cant call our plants “organic” but we use OMRI certified organic potting mix, fertilizers, seeds and pesticides to make and care for them. Maybe one day we will be certified but until then we are happy with the ethical and environmental choices we make when making plants to share with you all. 


Visiting us in person

If you happen to be visiting our wonderful city and want to visit email us (mail@littlerivercooperative.com) and we will do our best to accommodate your request! Also check out our guide to the Redland if you're looking for other places to explore in the area. 

All photos by James Jackman 2022