We ship plants every monday from our nursery in South Florida. Cut off for orders placed monday is 3pm. If you need your order expedited faster call or email us and if it’s possible we will get it out sooner. We will send tracking info as soon as your order is picked up from USPS. 

While we have been growing and selling veggie seedlings in South Florida for 8 years, shipping them around the country is a new experience for us. We have tried and tested our shipping out for months and so far so good, however the mail can be a dangerous place and we understand that some plants wont make it. 

Its normal for plants to loose some leaves or experience some discoloration while in transit because of the lack of light, so some damage of that type is to be expected and shouldn't effect the long term health of your plant. 

We also prune the tops off of some of our taller plants to make them fit more economically in a box, which is not only totally fine for your plant but for many of them it will actually benefit their growth since it will promote bushier growing patterns, especially with roselle, cranberry hibiscus & mulberry. 

If your plants show up in very poor condition due to getting loose in the box please document the damage and email us within 48 hours and we will either refund you or ship replacements. 

Our plants are inspected before shipment for pests and any damage that might effect their growth, so we stand behind their quality when packed, and are only offering refunds & replacement for damage incurred during shipment. 

Our nursery is registered with the Division of Plant Industry in Florida and we have passed fire ant & nematode inspections, proof of those inspections available upon request. 

Check out our "plant care guide" page for instructions on unboxing your plants and keeping them happy at home. 

Damage claims can be sent to mail@littlerivercooperative.com